Hal Roach
Welcome to the World of Laughter

Hal Roach
was born Harry Eugene Roach on January 14, 1892 in Elmira, New York;
died November 2, 1992 in Los Angeles, California.

Fate must have been in a joking mood when, early in the 20th century, she brought together three men who were destined maybe not to change the world, but at least to make it laugh: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy and Hal Roach.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are simply the greatest comedy team that ever existed. Hal Roach is the pioneer filmmaker and producer who created the duo. Together, these three men have generated so much fun and laughter that even the furthermost galaxies still resonate with their good vibes.

Laurel and Hardy invested their pictures with such singular talent, such innocence and love that all humanity can relate to them instantly. Their warmth, charisma and casual style of comedy transcend all language barriers. They speak to people everywhere.


"There are many reasons why Laurel and Hardy were a great comedy team," Hal Roach once explained, "but one of the basic reasons is that each was a perfect straight man for the other. Each was individually brilliant as a comedian, yet each could serve as a foil for the other. They complemented each other perfectly."

"Basically the Stan and Ollie characters were childlike, innocent. The best visual comedians imitate children really. No one could do this as well as Laurel and Hardy, and still be believable. We always strived for that and we sure must have succeeded. . . . People like that aren't around anymore."


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