Laurel & Hardy Talkie Shorts

Unlike many other silent film actors, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy adapted with ease to talking in movies, practically paying no attention to this new component of their work. Happily, their voices matched their screen personalities. And sound effects greatly aided their talking films. So did the wonderful, peppy, period background music. The Boys were then able to punctuate their physical and visual comedy with catch phrases long familiar to fans who smile when they hear variants of such lines as these:

“I'm Mr. Hardy, and this is my friend, Mr. Laurel.”
“Why don't you do something to help me?”
“We certainly do!”
“Tell me that plan again.”
“Here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!”


Laurel & Hardy Talkie Shorts (1929-1935)
1929 Berth Marks
  The Hoose-Gow
  Men O' War
  Perfect Day
  They Go Boom
  Unaccustomed As We Are
1930 Another Fine Mess
  Below Zero
  Hog Wild
  Night Owls
  The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case
1931 Beau Hunks
  Be Big

Chickens Come Home

  Come Clean
  Laughing Gravy
  One Good Turn
  Our Wife
1932 Any Old Port
  The Chimp
  County Hospital
  The Music Box
(Won the Oscar for best short subject in 1932)
  Their First Mistake
1933 Busy Bodies
  Dirty Work
  Me and My Pal
  Midnight Patrol
  Towed in a Hole
  Twice Two
1934 Going Bye-Bye
  Oliver the Eighth
  The Live Ghost
  Them Thar Hills
1935 The Fixer-Uppers
  Thicker Than Water
  Tit for Tat